Workshop “Weight Management”

Complete and personalized
8 weeks
healthy weight management program

Nutritional coaching program offered by a Certified Naturopath
With lasting results!
No prepared meal to buy or protein diets
Learn how to eat healthy and change your lifestyle
15 minutes power walk included!

Program launching price: 149$ + taxes

When: September 2017
Where: Dollard-des-Ormeaux and surroundings / TBD

Healthy Weight Management Program


Introduction to program


Fats, proteins and Carbs: What are they and how do they contribute to your fat loss goals? What should be your nutritional profile?


Understanding body composition changes (muscle/fat ratio)


Detoxification and the role of the liver in fat loss


Blood sugar balance


Stress management and how lifestyle factors can contribute to fat gain/loss


Hormonal types and weight management


Grocery shopping for a healthy lifestyle and finding the motivation

At each meeting:

  • Weight measurement and Food diary revision
  • Body composition test (Fat %, lean mass %, hydration, etc.)
  • Discussion on a subject pertaining to weight management and according to modules
  • Meeting is 45-60 minutes and power walk 15 minutes


  • More energy and vitality
  • Less cravings of unhealthy foods and reduction of sugar cravings
  • Better digestion
  • Better sleep, healthier skin, less headaches, etc.
  • Better physical and emotional wellbeing
  • Better confidence!

Advantages of this program

  • Complete program where all is covered: Metabolism, hormones, nutrition, stress, microbiome, etc.
  • Understanding the multiples causes of weight gain
  • No calories counting or foods to weight
  • Group motivation but personalized support
  • Fat loss and not muscle or water loss
  • No selling of miracle products or meal replacements or protein diets BUT a real change in lifestyle
  • Natural and energizing foods
  • Offered by a certified naturopath, global health and weight loss expert

Each week for ten weeks, the group will complete one module focussing on one of the Pillars of Weight Loss. Included are info sheets, menus, recipes and more.

The group will also have access to me, a qualified naturopath, to answer any questions they might have throughout the program and beyond. As a member of the program they will be invited to a private Facebook group, where they’ll have access to my professional support as well as the unconditional support and encouragement of other program members.