Surviving weekends and Holidays

Surviving weekends and Holidays

Are you one of those to forget about your healthy eating efforts over the weekend? It is always easier to keep our good lifestyle habits during the week: more fruits and vegetables, going to bed at regular times, avoiding nibbling, preparing a homemade lunch, etc. But what about weekends where you will find everything you crave like chips, desserts and alcohol? How about 5 a 7 or Christmas celebrations? It can be difficult to stay on track and maintain your goals. There are a lot more temptations to indulge and ruin our good habits of the week.

With the Holidays coming up, here are some tips on how to survive that period.

  1. Try to keep these exceptional meals to one evening per weekend
  2. When you know you’ll have a big dinner, eat lighter during the day and avoid carbs.
  3. Stay hydrated throughout the weekend, especially if there is alcohol consumption.
  4. Allow yourself a treat during the week to avoid seeing the weekend as a period where anything goes and you become out of control
  5. Be active: Go for a walk to oxygenate and facilitate digestion. If there has been food indulgence, plan for more physical activities
  6. Do not starve yourself the day after a big meal or a big party. Even if you feel bloated, you must continue to eat. It is good not to overload your liver by eating very light for a few days, for example lean proteins and vegetables.
  7. Take digestive enzymes during these exceptional meals
  8. Watch out for alcohol! This could cause you to eat more than your actual needs! Not to mention the next day….

As long as small food indulgence are occasional, it is ok to treat yourself from time to time … however, don’t forget about your goals while having fun over the weekend!


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