• Naturopathic health assessment
  • Metabolic Balance Program®
  • Body composition measurement test
  • Naturopathic Analysis and tests
  • Healthy weight management programs
  • Athletes programs
  • Conferences and workshops

Why a certified naturopath?

When you see ND. A. letters following the signature of a naturopath, this confirms he/she is part of ANAQ, Quebec association of certified naturopath, l’Association des Naturopathes Agréés du Québec. This association was created to regroup all Quebec Naturopaths meeting the requirements established by the association: For example, Naturopathic Degree obtained from a school recognized by the association, a minimum of 1,800 hours of training (4 years); continuing education and a code of ethics to be observed.

A Certified Naturopath must have knowledge and deep understanding of the mechanisms governing human health.

By consulting a ND. A., you are guaranteed to be in the hands of a qualified naturopath with a solid training.

Why consulting a naturopath? For which health problems?

Any health problem can benefit from the service of a naturopath. Whether it is as a preventive measure or as a complement to traditional medicine, naturopathy can be very helpful. For example: weight management, menopause, digestive issues, autoimmune diseases, prostate problems, arthritis, diabetes, even anxiety and depression.

Tools and Therapies Used

Body composition measurement (bio-impedance device)
Personalised Nutritional counseling
Lifestyle changes
Herbal medicine and gemmotherapy
Aromatherapy/Organotherapy/Homeopathic medicine