It’s back to school! 5 healthy tips

It’s back to school! 5 healthy tips

It’s back to school! In addition to buying books and school supplies, remember that preparing nutritious and tasty lunches/snacks is just as important to your children’s school successes. Several studies show that feeding your children a healthy diet is key to optimal development and better school performance.

Here are 5 health tips to properly feed your children without spending too much time.


1. Prepare lunches / snacks in advance

On less busy days, cut fruits and vegetables in advance so they are ready and easy to add to lunches. Also prepare small containers of dip or humus to make vegetables more appealing to children. Have fruits and vegetables already washed and easily accessible.

2. Include good fats for brain and eye development

Good fats are very important to improve cognitive development and vision, not to mention cardio-vascular importance. The best sources of good fats are fatty fish such as wild caught salmon, mackerel, sardines. Good examples would be a salmon sandwich or a mackerel dip.

3. Focus on quality carbohydrates

Beware of sweet cereals (max of 10 grams of sugar per serving). Bread and other grains should be whole. The best source of carbohydrates: Fruits and vegetables!

4. Make sure your children eat breakfast

A good, protein-rich, high-fiber, breakfast is crucial for having great energy throughout the day without over-stimulating insulin and creating jagged energy. An ideal breakfast: eggs (hard or scrambled), a slice of whole bread, fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, etc.

5. Make sure your child is well hydrated

A well-hydrated child will be less tired and will have a better concentration. Proper hydration helps maintain a healthy weight because dehydration can make you feel hungry and prompt you to overeat. Avoid sugary drinks such as energy drinks, juices and / or sodas. Just go for a bottle of simple water. If your children do not like the taste, why not add a few slices of lemon, strawberries and raspberries (frozen or not) or a little bit of 100% fresh juice.

Happy back to school!

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